A documentary letter of credit is one of the most secure payment instruments in the international trade. With the letter of credit the Bank, acting upon the letter of request by its Client (Principal), commits to pay, either the Bank itself or via its corresponding bank, an agreed amount in favor of a Beneficiary of the letter of credit after such Beneficiary presents the documents on completion of the contractual obligation.  

 As an irrevocable payment obligation for the contractually agreed obligations, the documentary letter of credit provides the secure exchange of goods and services as well as their payment.   


Such letter of credit equally protect both sides, importer- buyer and exporter- seller, provided that the contractually agreed terms are meet:

  • A  seller shall know that a buyer will receive goods and services that are contractually agreed ,
  • A buyer shall know that he/she will collect the payment for the services and goods that are contractually agreed


The Bank issues the documentary letters of credit for the legal persons, both resident and nonresident. 


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