After years of experience in providing the clients with the services in the money and currency market, Zapad banka AD Podgorica has begun to provide the clients with the investment services, too, in accordance with the Montenegrin Law on capital market, under the supervision of the Capital Market Commission of Montenegro.  Zapad banka fosters an individual approach in providing the investment services in order to provide each client with a personalized (tailor made) service in line with his/her expectations.

Providing investment services to clients and developing investment services will be the focus of Zapad banka in the coming period.


The services we provide our clients with are:


Trading in the name of and on behalf of a client's account 

The employees in the Investment Services Department of  Zapad banke AD Podgorica carry out sales and purchase of all types of financial instruments, securities, bonds, funds, derivatives in the name of and on behalf of a client in both, Montenegrin and international market.


Custody and financial instruments administration 

The transactions made for the clients are settled in the investment services accounts opened in the client's name and the client's financial instruments are kept in such custody accounts.  In the name of client Zapad Banka AD Podgorica collects all types of revenues from the financial instruments available in the account and inform client on all changes occurring. We underline that the instrument held in the above mentioned accounts are not included in the Bank's assets and balances, but under any situation they are owned by the client who has an unlimited right of disposal ( jus disponendi).  


Investment advisory 

With the support of Zapad banka AD Podgorica and its employees, invest your money in a way that matches your goals, future needs, investment time horizon and risk propensity. With the assistance of our employees with the years-lasting experience in the financial market, you may create an investment portfolio that will meet all your preferences. 

For providing the investment services Zapad banka AD Podgorica implements the Rule for providing the investment services, as well as charges the fees under Rule book on investment services tariffs.  

To arrange a meeting or learn more details: 

    Zapad banka a.d. Podgorica provides the investment services in accordance with the Rules of providing investment services.

    Zapad banka a.d. Podgorica provides investment services in accordance with the Rulebook on investment services tariffs