If you trade, provide services, participate in a tender, carry out works, make purchases with an advanced payment, design, set up new equipment, we recommend to secure yourself with the guarantees!

The guarantee is a security instrument by which upon its client order a bank that is an issuer of guarantee and acting on behalf of its client, undertakes the irrevocable obligatinon to make a payment on first demand in favor of a beneficiary of the guarantee as a indemnity for its client failure to perform a payment or provide a service.

We offer you several types of the banking guarantees. 

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    The tender guarantee a type of bank guarantee that up to the guaranteed amount covers losses, which   Beneficiary of the bank guaranty (purchaser) incurs in the event that the participant in the tender providing the offer accepted as the most favorable does not conclude a contract requested by such tender or does not provide a performance bond. The participant in the tender is the Principal of the guarantee (a Bank’s client). 

      A customs guarantee is a type of bank guarantee by which the bank provides the guarantees to the Customs Authority of Montenegro for the regular settlement of liabilities arising from the excise tax, taxes, customs debt and other liabilities of its Client, depending on the customs process. Such guarantees may be additionally used as the security of payment for other business operations (warehousing of goods, transit of goods). A customs guarantee can be issued in a form of a joint or individual customs guarantees. The joint customs guarantee refers to the total value of the goods for a given period, whereas individual can be used only for one specific import of goods. 

        An advanced payment guarantee is a bank guarantee by which the Bank shall transfer defined amount of money ( the advance payment made) in favor of a Beneficiary of such guarantee in the event that his/her Debtor (a provider of goods/services/works) fails to fulfill the contractually agreed obligation that has been paid in advance. In this case, the Debtor is the Principal of the guarantee – a Client of the Bank.

        A payable guarantee is such type of guarantee by which the Bank shall make the payment of defined amount of money on first demand to a Beneficiary if the Principal of such guarantee- a client of the Bank fails to pay for the goods delivered within a payment period stipulated. This guarantee validity period corresponds with the period defined for the payment of goods in the respective contract.

        A performance bond is a type of bank guarantee, by which the Bank shall make the payment of a guaranteed amount in favor of a Beneficiary of such guarantee, if a Bank’s client (service provider, trader) fails to fulfill his contractual obligations.