The payment cards have become part of our everyday life and it is important to pay particular attention to the safety and security aspects of their use. 

Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the following:

After receiving the card, you must sign the card because the unsigned card is not valid.

If the card is lost or stolen call number + 382 20 690 002 that is available 365 days a year.

You will receive SMS notification for each transaction.

  • The PIN is exclusively your identifying number;
  • When you receive a PIN from the bank, remember it and destroy envelope where the PIN was stored
  • You may change assigned PIN number at ATMs of Hipotekarna banka;
  • Do not use personal data or simple combinations as a PIN;
  • Do not write the PIN ever (especially not on papers and the documents you carry on);
  • If you suspect that someone knows your PIN, contact the bank to provide you with a new one, or change the PIN at ATMs of Hipotekarna banka.

PIN protection during payments in retail sales points 

  • When entering a PIN protect with the hand the keyboard of the payment card terminal for additional privacy;
  • Enter the PIN number in the point of sales terminal personally. Do not tell third person on your PIN, even if a seller asks for;
  • Do not allow any person who collects payment to move the card out of your line of vision;
  • Pay attention to how a seller handles your card and do not allow passing your card through additional devices no matter what possible explanation an employee in the sales point may have;
  • If you perform contactless payment, bring the card to the device personally, because there is no need to give it to a seller;


In the event of any doubt about how your payment card is handled, call the bank to ask for an advice on possibly blocking the card and replacing it, if needed.

When using ATMs, it is necessary to pay attention to surrounding and people around you:


  • If you notice anything suspicious at the ATM (e.g. additional equipment installed, breaks or scraps) – cancel the transaction and immediately inform the closest Bank’s branch or call the following phone number: + 382 20 690 069;
  • Do not accept help from anyone. If you are not sure how to use the ATM, contact the bank and we will provide you with all necessary information and instructions;
  • Upon completion of the transaction, before going away from the ATM, make sure that you have taken the card and money and put it in your wallet or bag;
  • In case your card is retained by the ATM immediately report to the bank;
  • Cards issued by our Bank are included in a Internet safe shopping program -MasterCard Secure Code;
  • You will make completely safe payments on the web sites with the mark:
  • Use your card exclusively for shopping on websites of the reputable companies;
  • In respect with this type of payment, you shall carefully check the reliability of the recipient and read its payment terms offered (the return of goods policy, membership fees charges, etc.), as well as if the recipient provides the protection of data to a certain degree;
  • Immediately before the payment, you shall read all announcements for the transaction you are going to perform so as to acquire information on the conditions you accept at that moment. Sometimes the text written in small letters includes a shopping condition that could be absolutely unfavorable to you;
  • Avoid shopping from a public access computer (Internet Cafe);
  • Never enter your payment card PIN on the Internet;
  • .. Never reply to emails and do not access links requesting to provide your payment card data, even if they look as if being sent by bank or card association ( MasterCard...);
  • The Bank will never ask you to provide your payment card data ;
  • The Bank will never ask you to provide PIN code;
  • Do not make payments to the recipient payment point which does not require entering  CVC/CVV2 number or does not have additional safety measures or if there is any vagueness regarding the terms of payment;
  • For Card not Present transactions use a debit card that supports this type of payment;
  • Frequently check your account balance and available funds relating to your card;

What does option 3D SECURE mean?

3D Secure is a completely free of charge Bank’s service that guarantees additional security for online shopping with MasterCard cards on the Internet, i.e. on the web sites that are part of MasterCard Secure Code system.


This service will protect your MasterCard cards from potential misuse while shopping on the Internet. All you need for a carelessly shopping is the following:

  • MasterCard payment cards of Zapad banka 
  • An Internet store that supports payment through MasterCard Secure Code


This service is very easily activated. When buying online, on the screen is open the 3D Secure dialog box and checks whether the card is included in the safe shopping program. You receive one-time password (OTP) via SMS message on a mobile phone number that is registered with the West Bank. The one-time password is means that we send you a new one for each following online buying. 

You can use a 3D Secure service with your existing MasterCard card, on any computer or mobile phone, without any additional software or applications.

Owing to this service, as a user you have full control over the use of the card, thus preventing the card’s misuse. In addition, the user has also the review of the personal data transfer, which stay the client and the Bank and is not available to a web seller. All internet payments are performed through an activation code or a password that are known only to the beneficiary of the card.

The service is blocked if you forget your password or activation code, and if three consecutive wrong entries attempts occur. In such a case, it is required to call the Authorization Center: Tel, + 382 (020) 690 069, in order to provide you with the further use of this service.