Saving represents an important part of the future for everyone. In case you dispose with the sum you prefer to save, either to allocate the funds for the safety of the family, children’s education, purchase of m2 of the space or distant travelling, we have prepared two types of savings with the most favorable interest rates.
In this way you can achieve an attractive amount of interest on deposited funds. Additionally, you secure their safety and availability.

The Bank has defined interest rates for fixed term deposit of legal entities in EUR and USD at the amounts of fixed term deposits of EUR 500,00 to EUR 200,000.00, as well as for the amounts of fixed term deposit of USD 500,00 to USD 200,000.00, for the terms of deposits at 12, 24 and 36 months.
When paying the interest for the savings of natural persons, the Bank shall calculate, terminate and transfer to the Tax Administration of Montenegro the amount of the tax for natural persons’ income, in accordance with the Law on Natural Persons’ Income Tax.
Client’s deposits with the Bank are protected in line with the Law on Protection of Deposits.

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      Rent savings – for all those who want monthly income on their deposited funds (so called, rent), i.e. monthly payment of the interest, whereas the principal is paid after the expiry of deposit period.
      Interest is calculated and paid in the deposit currency, on the last day of the month, by transferring net interest to the Bailor's transaction account with the Bank, after the reduction of the natural persons' income tax, which the Bank shall pay on behalf of the Client, in compliance with the Law on Natural Persons' Income Tax.
      *  For deposits above 36 month - duration, the interest rate is separately arranged, for each individual case, as well as for the deposits exceeding EUR 200,000.00


      Standard saving in EUR or USD currency

      Rent savings in EUR or USD currency

      12 months



      24 months



      36 months