MasterCard Premium cards provide you with discovering new world of offers and priceless experiences we have prepared for you. Experience new ways of pleasure in each moment and use advantages we have created for you as the MasterCard Premium user to feel extraordinarily every day – while traveling, or going everyday shopping or staying connected with your significant others…


Using the Business Club services is very simple for our Premium users. In order to enjoy the benefits we have prepared for you, you will not need to book as it is enough to present your Premium MasterCard® Business card, with the valid boarding ticket or passport. 

Enjoy the moments before the flight and relax in the pleasant and comfortable space with MasterCard Premium Programme.

MasterCard provides you, as the privileged guest, with plenty of amenities and services in Sky and Jet business clubs. 

Currently valid promotion offer provides our clients with free of charge access to Business Clubs in the airports in: Belgrade, Vienna, Podgorica and Sarajevo. 

Zapad banka AD Podgorica welcomes you to “Lounge Key” airport lounges that will make your travelling even more pleasant. 

Lounge Key "provides access to hundreds of airport lounges all over the world, regardless of the airline or travel class. Use it now, in all lounges available presenting your Zapad banka Gold card or Zapad banka Business card and boarding ticket. 



How to start


  1. Download the "Lounge Key" app or visit "Lounge Key" web site (, for registration.
  2. Check in and check the available airport lounges. 
  3. In the reception of the lounge, present your MasterCard Gold or MasterCard Business card and boarding pass which will allow you to access the lounge.  
  4. Your card will be read or scanned to register your entry.




Frequently asked questions 

Do you have a question? Check the "Frequently asked questions" section of the application or on the website to find the response to the preferred question.


Boingo Wi-Fi for Zapad banka Master card users 


Stay connected around the world!


Your MasterCard Gold or Business card now helps you stay connected to your others significant. We are proud to offer you a "Boingo Wi-Fi" service providing you with this, but without "roaming" supplements extra costs.


With a Boingo Wi-Fi account, you will have access to more than 1 million access points (hotspots) to communicate with fast and high quality Wi-Fi. Stay connected to up to 4 devices (including mobile phones, tablets and laptops) all over the world, at airports, in hotels, restaurants, during flights... etc. Visit to find the closest access point.


Are you ready to connect to Boingo Wi-Fi with your Zapad banka’s MasterCard? It’s simple. Just visit and create your account.