If you want to open a transaction account in our Bank, you will be able to perform national and international payment transactions in various currencies and you will also receive different services of the Bank.


In order to open a transaction account and/or transaction accounts, it is required to complete and submit the necessary documents and visit Zapad banka’s branch in Podgorica or one of our representative offices abroad. 


In such a way you will be in position to simply and easily perform payments within the domestic and international payment transactions system and in accordance with the legal regulation of Montenegro. 

Zapad Banka SWIFT is ZBCGMEPG.


Contact the Bank for all necessary documents.


To arrange a meeting or learn more details: 

    Through your transaction account with Zapad banka you may perform all types of cash inflow and outflows transactions in and from the country.

    All types of cash flow and outflows from abroad, you can perform through a Thracian account the West Bank. 

    The bank's instructions, which are necessary to submit during the transfer of money, may be obtained when opening a transaction account or when it is needed to the client.

    Funds from abroad are paid in the currency in which the money has been sent, and clients can also decide to convert the remittances into another currency.